Torre Consulting

Mike De Luca - Principal

As principal of Torre Consulting, I partner with companies to evolve strategy and achieve outcomes by improving processes and developing the teams that support them. I work with all levels of leaders and teams to connect strategy to the underpinning metrics and management system that ensure success from the front line to the C-suite. My focus is the application of Lean principles to develop strategy, improve processes, and make better use of the talent we have in our staff, so that we can focus more effectively on work that makes a difference for the customer.

My 30 years of experience include over 15 years of leadership experience in the corporate environment and nearly 20 years of experience bringing Lean principles to life in department and organizational processes and culture. As a finance leader I have inspired and engaged staff, resulting in improvements to department culture and outcomes. As Executive Director of Finance in a multi-billion dollar healthcare organization, I led the transformation of the financial planning and budgeting processes and evolved the role, competencies and culture of the teams that supported them. As a consultant, I have coached firms on Strategic Planning and Deployment, facilitated cross-functional process improvement, and delivered training and coaching on continuous improvement to all levels of leaders and staff, resulting in clarity of direction and improved outcomes.